Nicorette - Average Woman

The average woman spends hundreds of dollars a year on beauty products  and even more to undermine them.

Every year, women spend billions of dollars trying to improve their appearance.  Unfortunately, they also spend billions on cigarettes which have the opposite effect. 

Smoking has been proven to cause premature wrinkles, sometimes 20 years earlier than non-smokers.  Not to mention causing dull skin tone, lifeless hair and darker teeth, among other things.  And quitting can help reverse those effects quickly.  

Nicorette products help facilitate those changes by allowing you to quit smoking while withdrawing from nicotine slowly and painlessly.  With a success rate two times higher than any other method.  And since we offer a choice of patches, gums or lozenges, you can choose the approach that works for you.  

So before you spend a fortune on state of the art beauty products, make sure you’ll be using them at their full strength.