Lesley was born and raised in California. Inspired by “That Girl” reruns and a deep sense of masochism, she moved to NYC and got a job as a copywriter at Ammirati and Puris when she left college.
    After stints at some of the most respected creative agencies out there, Lesley landed at Lowe Worldwide, New York as Executive Vice President and Group Creative Head.  After several years of building the agency, creating and shepherding award-winning work, Lesley quit in order to go outside and get some fresh air. 
    Since then, Lesley has worked on a variety of projects for agencies, production companies and clients. She’s done everything from brochures to script doctoring to entertainment projects, to product development to web campaigns as well as traditional TV, print and radio advertising and promotion. Her comedy blog “How to live on $0 a day.  Tips for the nouveau poor” is a featured series on The Huffington Post.
    A fervent traveler, Lesley spends her downtime exploring the world.  So far, she’s covered most of Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Southeast Asia. Her travel writing has appeared in Literary Traveler, and one of her pieces on Egypt is due to be published in 2010 travel writing anthology.
    After a nine month sabbatical in the French village where Vincent Van Gogh spent his final days, Lesley decided she’d rather cut off her ear than return to NYC.  She’s residing in Northern California…for now. Being an adventurer, she could take a job in a foreign location others fear to venture. Like Santiago, South Africa or Los Angeles.
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Lesley has been writing since the moment she picked up a pencil.